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Our delicious Wagyu beef is great value - now in 100 Asda stores

You can now find Wagyu beef in more than 100 Asda stores – and still at a fraction of the price of other retailers.

Wagyu beef is available at 103 Asda stores

The Japanese delicacy is highly sought after for its unique marbling, intense flavour and silky buttery taste but it can be very expensive. However we’ve offered Asda customers Wagyu beef at everyday low prices for the past three years.

You’ll find Wagyu burgers at just £3.75 a pack or two packs for £6 in selected stores. And look out for Wagyu rump, sirloin, rib eye, and fillet at the meat counter in the following Asda stores: Pentwyn, Bolden, Milton Keynes, Trafford, Cheltenham, Derby, Worcester and Kendal.

Wagyu burgers

Our Wagyu beef is actually a cross between Wagyu and Holstein cattle. We import Wagyu bull semen from Japan and use it to impregnate Holstein dairy cattle to produce a slightly less highly marbled meat which many British customers prefer.

We’ve helped young British farmers to get onto the first step of the ladder in the beef industry and rear Wagyu-Holstein cattle at affordable rates. Farmers are offered a minimum guaranteed price by Asda at all stages of the rearing process.

See the full list of stores here.

Posted in News & Blogs on 27 June 2014