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Our fun hooded baby towels get people talking on social media

Our range of hooded baby bath towels are designed to make bathtime more fun – and lots of people have been sharing cute pictures on social media of their little ones enjoying them!


The collection features unicorn, duck, rabbit, panda and dinosaur designs – and when Charlotte Mensah posted this lovely photo of her four-month-old daughter Sophia all wrapped up in the unicorn towel on Instagram we shared it on Facebook.

Our post inspired lots of other Facebook fans posted more adorable photos too.

Here’s a selection of the pictures people shared:

Beth Grace Scott posted this picture of her daughter Freya-Lily, who was all smiles wrapped in the unicorn towel after her bath:


Sarah Filer shared this photo of Melody Johanna and said: “They stay soft as well for baby’s skin and don’t fade, I got a few of them definitely worth buying.”

Melody Johanna

Samantha Naylor posted this picture of a sleepy Sophie snuggled in the rabbit towel. She said: “After every bath I have to put it on and she runs around shouting ‘super bunny’ like she’s wearing a cape! On this occasion we had one very tired super bunny.”


Laura Denham’s daughter Harper loves hers:


Tammy Louise Nelder’s daughter Seren enjoys wearing hers:


Alex Warburton posted this picture of daughter Freya:


And Rachael Barker’s son George has the duck version. She said he “looks so cute after a screaming bath time”.


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Posted in News & Blogs on 04 May 2017