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Norma's Facebook campaign takes Asda prices over the sea to Skye

Asda delivery van on Skye with Beinn na Cailleach in the background - photo from Norma Mckenzie

Norma Mckenzie was so fed up with the high cost of groceries on the Isle of Skye she set up a Facebook page campaigning for Asda to come to the rescue with our everyday low prices.

She quickly attracted the support of more than 1,000 fellow islanders – a tenth of the population – who joined the campaign and “liked” her Asda/Skye Home Delivery page.

And now – thanks to Norma’s determination and the work of our colleagues in our Inverness store nearly 100 miles away – we’re delighted to say that Asda home shopping vans have started bringing those much-needed deliveries over the sea to Skye!

Norma became a big fan of Asda after shopping at one of our stores when visiting family in Preston. Back in Skye she decided to see if she could drum up enough support to get Asda deliveries to the island, where the locals are used to having to pay three times as much for their groceries.

Norma Mckenzie proving Skye is no limit for Asda

She said: "I put a post on my own Facebook page and everybody was saying it was a great idea. So I set up a new page thinking I’d get about 50 likes. Within eight hours I had 500!

“When it got up to 1,000 likes I felt quite a bit of pressure – I didn’t want to let them down.”

Norma spoke to our home delivery colleagues in Inverness who were so impressed with the support she’d built up that they worked hard to make it happen. And now Asda delivery vans are making the long journey through the stunning scenery on the road from Inverness to Skye three days a week – every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Over the sea to Skye - photo by Norma Mckenzie

Norma was ready and waiting with her camera when one of our vans crossed the bridge over Loch Alsh for the very first time.

She says it’s made a big difference to the local community.

“There’s a huge demand – the prices up here are horrendous. It’s made a big difference to people’s wallets. Everybody’s just delighted – you can do a whole week’s shopping and they bring it right to the door.”

We’re currently delivering to around a quarter of the island, but people living further afield are still getting the benefit – arranging for their shopping to be delivered to Broadford’s tourist information centre car park where they can pick it up!

Matt Danes, our home shopping coach in Inverness, said: "After I found out about this in March we looked at the social media campaign and started to really push it through.

“Now we’re travelling nearly 100 miles from Inverness. When you think about the miles we have to travel, the lengths of drivers’ shifts and the amount of fuel it’s quite complicated.”

But he said the effort was making a big difference to the islanders: “The people there were paying three times the price for their grocery shopping because there was a monopoly – they had no choice. To now be serving them with online food shopping is great.”

Matt is working hard to be able to offer other far-flung communities a similar service: “There are areas we still don’t serve but we will get out there. But we have to do it in a controlled way to make sure the service is high quality.”

Do you want Asda grocery home shopping where you live?: We’re always looking to improve our service so we can help save you money every day wherever you live. If you want to see Asda home delivery expanded to your local area leave a comment below and we’ll pass all your suggestions to our home shopping team.

Posted in News & Blogs on 30 May 2013