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Spread the cost of your summer holiday with Asda Travel

The most popular destinations with Asda Travel customers are currently Spain and Egypt – and people are also looking for bargain breaks in the UK.

Kids beach holiday

Although money is tight for many people this year our Mumdex survey found that Asda mums consider a family holiday as a reward for making savings during the rest of the year.

And this year for the first time you can spread your holiday payment when you book through Asda Travel.

We asked our Facebook fans if a holiday was a luxury or an essential – here’s what some of them said:

Alison Field: An essential luxury, what’s the point of us both working our socks off all year if we can’t get a week away with the kids to enjoy family time. We put a bit away each week over the course of a year and this year we are sharing a villa with family to share the cost.

Lisa Wood I struggle to do it but definitely an essential… love just going away to spend time with just me and my son :)

Shirley Fiddaman: Essential. I am not rich but I live for my holiday, whats wrong with cutting down on other things for it???

To see the latest destinations and to find out more about spreading the cost of your holiday go to Asda Travel.

Posted in News & Blogs on 09 March 2012