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Our George range is fit for a future king!

When Kate and Wills announced the royal baby would be called Prince George we couldn’t resist having a bit of fun!

Royal babygrows

We greeted customers to with the message “Congratulations Wills and Kate from one George to another!”

And we created a limited edition set of babygrows (above) which proved an instant high with customers who quickly snapped up all three designs.

Thousands of people also spotted an Asda connection with the Royal baby name and tweeted their reaction – by 7pm on the evening of the announcement “George” was trending on Twitter in the UK. Here are just a few examples:

@Gem_Gow: Loving @Georgeatasdas genius (and bargainous) £4 Royal Baby grows! Kate, get down to asda, quick sharp!

@duncanbishop84: Who says the Royals are out of touch with the common man? They’ve named the latest addition to the family after a clothing range from Asda.

@davidb2k: The full title for the #RoyalBaby will be Prince George at Asda

@GavF1978: @asda at least #RoyalBaby won’t have any trouble getting clothes with his name on huh?

@thedannycxp: The #RoyalBaby has been named George Alexander Louis. Now they can buy his school uniform from ASDA without needing to pick up name labels.

See our full Royal baby range.

Posted in News & Blogs on 30 July 2013