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Asda Barnstaple takes the biscuit with record-breaking Easter bake

Easter biscuits are a big tradition in the South West – and two of our local stores had a bit of fun competition this year to see who could make the world’s biggest one.

The record-breaking biscuit

They got the idea after one of our customers came into the Bodmin store and asked for the biggest Easter biscuit they had.

General store manager Amanda Hubbard said: "It got us thinking, why not try to make the world’s biggest Easter biscuit?

“Easter biscuits really champion the South West – we’re really proud of them as a region and couldn’t be happier.”

The biscuits are traditionally given as a gift on Easter Sunday. They’re made from flour, butter, currants, egg yolk, baking powder, sugar and light spices – and are often decorated by children in the run up to Easter.

Bodmin's record-breaking biscuit

Colleagues at the Bodmin store teamed up with local bakers WC Rowe, who supply Easter biscuits to more than 100 of our stores across the West Country, East Coast and Cornwall between January and Easter, to make the record-breaking 27-inch giant.

Their record didn’t last long though, as just two days later colleagues at our Barnstaple store teamed up with WC Rowe to bake a 31-inch whopper at the store’s bakery.

Barnstaple's biscuit

Ian Yates, deputy store manager at Asda Barnstaple, said: "We got wind of the Easter biscuit world record being set by Bodmin and thought a bit of healthy competition couldn’t hurt.

“The Easter biscuit is very popular in this part of the country and we take our traditions very seriously – so obviously we wanted the world’s biggest Easter biscuit title for ourselves. We couldn’t be happier that we’ve made the bigger biscuit!”

Both record-breaking biscuits were later broken up so lots of customers could sample them.

Posted in News & Blogs on 13 April 2017