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Racing driver Lee Morgan is spotted filling up at Asda Runcorn

F3 driver Lee Morgan turned heads when he stopped at Asda Runcorn to fill up his racing car early this morning.

Filling up at Asda Runcorn

The 24-year-old from Runcorn was on his way to Silverstone where he is racing this weekend and stopped at his local Asda to top up on fuel.

When we spoke to him afterwards he told us: “There were quite a few people looking over – it’s not something you see every day! The woman filling up behind me was asking me questions like ‘How much fuel does it take?’”

The car, a Dallara F307, runs on petrol and has a 40-litre tank. It costs £50.68 for him to fill up at Asda Runcorn where petrol is currently 126.7p a litre – that’s an amazing 9.2p a litre cheaper than the nearest BP garage which is £135.9p a litre.

On the racing track

Lee is a former Formula Jedi champion and this is his first season after Grays Motorsport signed him up.

When he’s not racing Lee drives a Honda Civic and says he usually fills up at Asda because of the low prices.

“It’s the most competitive round here so everyone fills up at Asda. Why pay more when you don’t have to?”

Posted in News & Blogs on 24 April 2014