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PDSA's advice on caring for your pet

Our friends at the PDSA have put together these videos to help Asda customers care for their pets.

Dogs love treats but you need to know what you can and can’t feed them as some “treats” can be dangerous. Watch this video to find out more about your dog’s ideal diet – and why scraps and leftovers should be given sparingly.

In this video (above) the PDSA vet shows you how to groom your dog – and explains why it’s important to do this regularly.

Cat owners will know that cats love to play. Here’s a few toys that should keep them amused:

Regular checkups can extend the life of your pet – PDSA vets often see emergency cases when it’s too late to save an animal’s life.

Did you know rabbits’ teeth continue growing throughout their life? That’s why they need a constant source of hay to help them grind their teeth. Find out more about what to feed rabbits:

If you’ve got any questions for PDSA vets and nurses they will be in selected Asda stores on Saturday 4th February. Find your nearest participating store

Posted in News & Blogs on 31 January 2012