A big thank you to all the customers and colleagues at Asda Dewsbury who helped fill 18 trolleys with donations for Batley Food Bank – with support from all the candidates standing for the local seat in the General Election.

Sharon with the candidates

The store’s Community Champion Sharon Kingswood organised a 15-hour collection marathon over the weekend to support the food bank as a way of celebrating the store’s 15th birthday.

The food bank was championed by Batley and Spen MP Jo Cox, who was murdered last year, and candidates standing for the Dewsbury seat in the General Election lent their support when they stopped campaigning for an hour as part of a national initiative organised by her widower Brendan.

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Posted in Community on 22 May 2017
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Rita and Stan, who are both in their 90s, used to be regular shoppers at our Ashton-under-Lyne store … until Rita had a fall two years ago and they had to move into a care home.

Lindsey, Stan, Anne and Rita

They’d really missed their weekly chats with Anne at her checkout, so they were overjoyed when colleagues at the store arranged a special trip for them this week – and a reunion over a cup of tea.

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Posted in News & Blogs on 19 May 2017
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Colleagues from our Luton store made a special delivery to the town’s food bank – delivering ten pallets of much-needed supplies.

Amanda delivering the pallets

The essentials, like pasta sauce, noodles and dried rice, were recovered undamaged from the store after it was closed by fire.

Asda Luton’s Community Champion Amanda Burnham helped deliver the supplies to Luton Foodbank, which is based at High Town Enterprise Centre.

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Posted in News & Blogs on 16 May 2017
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Sara Healey We’ve recently relaunched our Little Angels nappies range with a smart new look, new products and new pricing making it even better value than before. The range was tested and approved by a panel of Mumsnet mums before it launched last month. If you’re a regular shopper at Asda you might have noticed a few changes so we asked Product Manager Sara Healey to explain what’s changed and why…

Our customers love Little Angels nappies and the protection they offer for the youngest members of the family but they told us that there was quite a lot of choice on the shelf. The newly re-launched range is a more streamlined selection of our customers’ favourite products that still offers the same great quality but is easier to shop and a little less confusing.

Little Angels nappies

We’ve merged Supreme Protection and Comfort Dry into a single nappy called Comfort & Protect. It has the same absorbency as Comfort Dry with the softer materials of Supreme Protection. The nappy itself is thinner but with the same absorbency – we did this to avoid a bulky nappy to make it more comfortable for baby. The great news is that you’re now getting a better product for a cheaper price.

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Posted in News & Blogs on 13 May 2017
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In less than half an hour our amazing colleague Andy Reid can go from looking after the fruit and veg in our Dalgety Bay store to rescuing people who’ve got into trouble in the Firth of Forth.

Andy Reid

Andy’s a member of the local Coastguard and a specialist in helping people cut off by tide and stuck in the mud.

He’s been given special permission to combine his Asda and Coastguard roles and carries a pager with him at all times so he can respond to emergencies.

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Posted in News & Blogs on 12 May 2017