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There are a number of voucher giveaways circulating on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter that are nothing to do with us and may be an attempt to capture your personal information.

Before you enter your details please check the link – if it’s an official Asda competition or giveaway it should link to an Asda website such as or

Unfortunately we have no control over third party websites and can only warn you not to be taken in by them.

Here are two recent examples which have been shared online:


This post encourages users to share it with their friends and add a comment in order to claim the “free voucher”.


This example encourages users to fill in a questionnaire then share the link on Facebook to receive a “free voucher”. In both of these examples, there is no such voucher available.

If you see a message like this please do not click on it.

Posted in News & Blogs on 08 May 2017
News & Blogs

We’re cutting the cost of fuel for the second time this week – with unleaded petrol and diesel reduced to 112.7p per litre from tomorrow.

Fuel price cut

Our unique national price cap at all 304 of our filling stations across the country means every single one of our customers knows the maximum price they will pay at the pump regardless of where they live.

Asda’s Head of Petrol Trading Dave Tyrer said: "Asda consistently offers its customers the lowest fuel prices week in, week out and we continue to lead the market on driving down costs for motorists right across the country.

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Posted in News & Blogs on 05 May 2017

Sharon Gregory-Wareing, the Community Champion at our Southport store, is a regular visitor to nearby Birkdale Primary School – and here she is getting the children excited about growing their own fruit and veg.

Sharon with the kids

Sharon joined a total of 64 pupils and their teachers across various classes to talk to them about growing their own food.

Sharon brought the compost, seeds and tools and the kids loved getting involved by planting carrot, cress, tomato, strawberry and spring onion seeds. They took some of the plants home and kept the rest at the school. They’ll be looking after them as they grow over the next few weeks.

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Posted in Community on 05 May 2017
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Our range of hooded baby bath towels are designed to make bathtime more fun – and lots of people have been sharing cute pictures on social media of their little ones enjoying them!


The collection features unicorn, duck, rabbit, panda and dinosaur designs – and when Charlotte Mensah posted this lovely photo of her four-month-old daughter Sophia all wrapped up in the unicorn towel on Instagram we shared it on Facebook.

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Posted in News & Blogs on 04 May 2017
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When Raymond Semple first visited our Larne store four years ago he asked one of our colleagues for a little help as he’s registered blind.

He now does his weekly shop there – and colleagues like Penny Lindsay love having a laugh and a chat with him as they take him round the store finding the things he needs.

Raymond shopping with Penny

Raymond, who’s 64, said: “They are very good with me, very helpful, and what they do is so important for me as I live on my own in quite a rural location.”

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Posted in News & Blogs on 28 April 2017