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Mat Appleton and his fiancée Morgan had everything planned for their wedding day except for one little hitch – the groom was missing a waistcoat!

Matching waistcoats. Photo: Luke Hinsull

It had to be a specific waistcoat as Mat and his brothers Luke and Conor had already bought matching three-piece suits from our George collection. Mat’s waistcoat didn’t fit but he couldn’t find the size he needed in his local Asda in St Austell. He and his family tried all the stores in the area – including Asda Falmouth where his mum Anne-Marie Moffat and stepdad Neil Moffat both work. But as the wedding day approached he still couldn’t find the waistcoat he needed. In desperation he tweeted Asda to see if we could help.

We alerted the George team who managed to get a waistcoat sent directly from our supplier to Mat, just in time for the big day. When he heard it was on its way a relieved Mat tweeted “Thanks for saving my wedding day!”

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Posted in News & Blogs on 15 October 2016
News & Blogs

Colleagues present Ellen with gifts

Colleagues at Asda Balby wished their wonderful regular customer Ellen a very happy 100th birthday when she called in for her weekly shop.

Deputy store manager Craig Parsons and bakery colleague Richard Brown presented Ellen with a card and gifts and colleagues sang happy birthday to her in store.

Ellen shops at the store every Wednesday with her son and likes to stop and have a chat with Richard during her visit.

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Posted in News & Blogs on 14 October 2016
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Check out this amazing wood-burning art created by tattoo artist Lee Wagner with a few Asda products.

Lee and his great artwork

Lee likes to spend his spare time exploring new ways of making art. He said: "I stumbled into the art of wood burning after seeing people scripting names and phrases onto wooden items, so I wondered if I could actually draw something using the same principle.

“I was fascinated by the prospect of using only natural elements to change a natural canvas without actually adding anything.”

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Posted in News & Blogs on 13 October 2016
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Keralan Prawn Curry

We’ve redeveloped 50 traditional dishes in our ready meal curry range with the help of expert Indian chefs – and it’s already got people talking on social media about just how good they are.

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Posted in News & Blogs on 11 October 2016

Look out for volunteers from the Royal British Legion in store later this month who will be selling poppies for Remembrance Day. Last year’s Poppy Appeal at Asda raised an amazing £531,908.81 with more than 250 stores taking part – a big thanks to everyone who donated!

A volunteer at our Gillingham Pier store

The money raised supports all current and former British military personnel and we’ll be inviting the volunteers back into store between Saturday 29th October and Sunday 13th November 2016.

Our colleagues will also be holding fundraising activities to support the Poppy Appeal – here’s a few examples from last year’s Poppy Appeal at Asda featuring some of our Community Champions.

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Posted in Community on 10 October 2016