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Can you help Asda colleagues return this lost teddy to its owner?

Colleagues and customers are trying to track down the owner of a much-loved teddy bear found in our Govan store.

Colleague Julia with the teddy

The distinctive bear, which has a hearing aid attached to its left ear, was found by colleagues in our Govan store who have been trying to find out who it belongs to – but without success.

The bear has been used in promotions by hearing aid manufacturers Widex, a company who manufacture hearing aids. They’ve also been trying to find out who it belongs to.

Colleagues found the bear just before Christmas and have shared photos of it on their own social media accounts.

They’ve also contacted local hospitals to see if any children have lost the bear but have had no joy yet, and are looking after it until its owner is found.

Julia Allan, Front End Section Leader at the store, said: "We think the bear was lost just before Christmas. He’s very distinctive and clearly well-loved as some bits of him are worn – and we’d love to return him to his owner.

“Quite a few of us have been talking about it in store and have shared the photo on Twitter and Facebook. Lots of people have shared it but we’ve heard nothing yet. We think it might be a wee kid with hearing difficulties so we’ve called a few local hospitals too but heard nothing back.”

If this is your bear, please call the store on 0141 4454257.

Posted in News & Blogs on 10 March 2017