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Loyal customer Ernie the giant Green Sea Turtle loves our sprouts!

We’re always looking for ways to make sure our customers are happy with their Asda shop and it seems we’ve found a satisfied customer in an unexpected place!

Ernie the turtle

Ernie, the giant Green Sea Turtle from Manchester’s new Sea Life aquarium, has a real passion for sprouts from Asda – and he’s been getting through so many his local store has had to order in extra stock.

Ernie insists on sprouts from Asda. When our Trafford Park store, just round the corner from the aquarium, ran out of stock his keepers tried him with sprouts from another supermarket … but Ernie wouldn’t eat them!

Ernie was rescued from the Cayman Islands by the Sea Life conservation team in 2006, and now lives in the aquarium’s 3.5-metre-deep ocean tank.

Our Asda colleague delivers more sprouts for Ernie

He eats three times a day, getting through roughly 500g of vegetables, mainly sprouts, every day. That’s more than 14,000 sprouts a year!

Sea Life curator Lucy Handel said: "Ernie is a hungry turtle and it is really important we give him everything he needs to ensure he settles into his new home well.

“We quickly realised that it was sprouts he loves, and strangely when Asda ran out of sprouts and we had to buy them from another supermarket he turned his nose up at at them. Luckily the team at the store next door have pledged to up their next order and even sent us some extra supplies direct to ensure that Ernie doesn’t go hungry.”

Posted in News & Blogs on 25 May 2013