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Lizzie and family find nice surprise in their Asda shopping basket!

Lizzie and her family

When Lizzie Goodwin and her family popped into their nearest Asda while on holiday in Eastbourne they got a nice surprise! Inside the shopping basket they chose was an envelope left by a wellwisher:

The envelope

This was the message written on the envelope:

The message

And inside was a £10 note! Lizzie, 15, who tweeted a photo of their discovery, said she and her mum Sarah and her nine-year-old sister Martha were delighted.

They have this message for the anonymous wellwisher: “A wonderful, inspiring and thoughtful gesture! Thank you very much :)”

The family have a caravan in Eastbourne and regularly visit Asda while they’re on holiday. Lizzie said: “We love going to Asda – it has great prices and offers and has everything we need!”

They now plan to pass on the act of kindness by leaving it for another Asda customer at a store near their home when they get back from holiday. We’re not telling where – but if you find it please tweet a photo to @asda!

Lizzie said: “We think that it is a good idea to spread the envelope and the good feeling!”

Posted in News & Blogs on 31 July 2014