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Little Mia lost her "lamby" - and Twitter helped to find him!

When three-year-old Mia Clay lost her beloved soft toy during a shopping trip to Asda Peckham dad Joe started a Twitter campaign to try to find him.

Lost lamby

He tweeted this photo to all his followers asking them to join the hunt for lamby together with this message:

Daughter lost beloved Lamby in Asda Peckham (the glamour) or thereabouts. It's a long shot

Colleagues scoured the store not once but twice trying to find lamby, but without success. In the meantime Mia had to make do with lamby’s cousin “fluffy” as a bedtime toy.

1000 retweets but still no lamby

Jo reported that Mia was “suspicious” but went to sleep without knowing anything about the Twitter plea which had already had 1000 retweets!

Then on Wednesday Jo tweeted with the good news that lamby had been found near Asda:

Little lamby found

He also reported his daughter was a “very happy little girl” and thanked everyone for retweeting.

Hi there, please call off the search! Lamby found on wall near store! Thanks so much for all ur help

Katie Reed, manager at Asda Peckham, said: “When they came in we checked the lost property area, the shop floor and the warehouse but we couldn’t find anything. We’re glad the little girl has been reunited with lamby!”

Posted in News & Blogs on 04 October 2013