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Meet three generations of the same family who work at Asda Lincoln

Meet three generations of the same family who all work at our store in Lincoln – Don and Mary, who are in their 80s, daughter Clare and grand-daughter Chloe.

Mary, Don, Chloe and Clare

Don and Mary didn’t take to retirement so Clare suggested they apply for part-time jobs at Asda.

Clare, 50, works with 24-year-old daughter Chloe in the chilled department, and Clare’s parents work on the checkouts.

Clare was first to join the store in 1999 and was soon followed by dad Don, 85, and mum Mary, 81. Chloe then joined in 2009.

Mary said: ""I love chatting to customers – I know most of them by name and know about them and their families, they’re very kind. Last September I had to have time off for a knee replacement and they were asking where I was. When they found out about my knee they sent me cards and flowers.


“Don and I retired and we didn’t like it, after three weeks we were bored. Clare suggested we apply to get a job at Asda. Don started first, enjoyed it and I followed him. All of the colleagues are kind, friendly and helpful.

“We’re a very close family and we get on very well, we even chat about Asda when we’re not at work!”

Chloe and Clare

Clare said: "It’s lovely working with so many members of my family – and we haven’t fallen out yet!

“Breaks can be interesting because we often talk about family stuff. I think other colleagues wonder what’s going on.

“My mum and dad are both very healthy and active. They reached their seventies and were keen to get a part-time job, and saw how happy I was working at Asda, so decided to join me. They also enjoy having members of their family close by.


“It’s great that we are close and all get on and see a lot of each other.”

The store’s Community Champion Paula Robinson said: “They’re an absolutely lovely family and it’s amazing that both Mary and Don are still working in their eighties.”

Posted in News & Blogs on 08 March 2017