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Hurray for Arthur Lloyd - 92 today and still shopping online!

Arthur Lloyd celebrates his 92nd birthday today (March 21st) – and is still one of our regular online shoppers!

Arthur Lloyd gets a birthday surprise

The father-of-five, places his weekly order every Sunday night and says ordering online is one of the things that keeps him sane!

“It makes me independent,” he says. “I don’t have to ask people for help so often.”

To mark his birthday we delivered a hamper of Extra Special treats as well as a birthday cake and card with his usual order to his bungalow in Nottingham.

Arthur with Asda colleagues

Asda colleague Jamie Wigfield said: “It’s always a pleasure to deliver Mr Lloyd his weekly shop, he’s always grateful so we wanted to thank him for his loyalty by surprising him on his birthday!”

Arthur’s son David originally got in touch with us on Twitter to ask if he was our oldest online shopper:

“@Davidlloydradio : @asda My great dad is 92 in 2 wks time. Is he your oldest online shopper? He loves you. And your depot staff pay personal attention! Thanks.”

Arthur has a bit of competition though – when we asked our Facebook fans if they knew anyone else like Arthur we found a couple more contenders for the title of oldest online shopper:

“My next door neighbour she’s 98, or maybe 99” – Amber Worthington

“My mother in law, Dorothy, was 92 in January and does on line shopping at Asda” – Jane Watkins

“My 86 year old mother-in-law does her Asda shop online too – since her husband had to give up driving – but she seems a youngster compared to Arthur. Well done that man!” – Jacquie Jamieson

“We certainly do, our nan is 94 years young and does her asda main shop online on her iPad!!” – Sarah Hall

Arthur has all his shopping list favourites saved to make it easy to place his order each week – including Asda’s own-brand oven chips and Chunky Cod. He also uses audio and magnifying software on his computer because of his poor eyesight.

As well as doing his own shopping he orders for his friend Mary, 86, who lives nearby. “I always say you can have whatever you like so long as it comes from Asda!” he says.

The retired estate agent has been a loyal Asda customer for more than 50 years – ever since our store at West Bridgford, Nottingham, opened.

David says: “He seems to be getting younger as he gets older! I’ll go round and he’ll be ordering his shopping online listening to Olly Murs on Youtube.”

Posted in News & Blogs on 20 March 2013