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The Asda Price Guarantee: our promise to be 10% cheaper

The Asda Price Guarantee is powered by independent price checker and compares the price of more than 15,000 everyday items including branded and supermarket own-brand products.

Asda Price Guarantee

We promise that we will be 10% cheaper than Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s or Waitrose on your comparable grocery shopping or we’ll give you a voucher for the difference.

To take advantage of the Asda Price Guarantee simply do your weekly shop as normal – either in store or online. Then go to after 9am the following day and enter the details from your till receipt or online order form. will check your shopping bill against our competitors and show how much you’ve saved – and if we’re not 10% cheaper than our rivals on comparable items we’ll give you a printable voucher for the shortfall to be used next time you shop at Asda. The price checker uses up-to-date prices and includes Asda rollbacks and items that are on promotion in rival stores. And you can even use it on your smartphone – watch the video below to see how easy it is to use:

For to carry out the price comparison you will need to buy eight different items or more that are directly comparable with other supermarket products.

In some instances there won’t be a direct comparison – for example where we sell an eight-pack of Coca Cola and another supermarket only sells a 10-pack, or where our lasagne ready meal serves four people and is a different weight to another supermarket’s which may serve six people. In this case we will not include the item in our price check. The comparison needs to be as fair as possible which is why only like-for-like products are included

The table below gives examples of how the 10% guarantee works if the comparable items in your basket amount to around £100.

Your shopping at Asda: Total comparable basket spend Total comparable basket spend at nearest competitor on price Asda Price Guarantee: We’ll give you a voucher for
When Asda basket is cheaper by at least 10% £95.00 £110.00 £0.00
When Asda basket is cheaper by less than 10% £105.00 £110.00 £6.00
When Asda basket is the same price £100.00 £100.00 £10.00
When Asda basket is more expensive £100.00 £95.00 £14.50

See full terms and conditions for the Asda Price Guarantee.

Posted in News & Blogs on 17 October 2011