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Hot weather leads to bumper crop of sunflowers - now at Asda!

Sunflowers growing in Lincolnshire

Sunflowers never fail to cheer up a room – and this year the sunflowers in our bouquets are bigger and better than ever thanks to the recent good weather.

These sunflowers (pictured above) were grown in Lincolnshire. We work closely with all our four growers in the UK and have cut the time it takes to harvest the sunflowers and get them into store – which means they will stay fresher for longer on your mantelpiece!

Sunflowers are available in most of our stores priced £2.25 a bunch – have a look next time you’re shopping at Asda.

Did you know…

  • Each sunflower takes around 12 weeks to grow, from seeding to cropping
  • All sunflowers are ‘heliotropic’ meaning the buds turn to face the sun from sunrise to sunset but once flowered they usually point in a fixed easterly direction
  • The large-headed sunflower can grow up to three metres tall
  • The head of the sunflower is not one flower, it is a head that contains many small flowers, packed together tightly

And if you’re growing sunflowers yourself make sure you don’t overwater them. Sunflowers are hardy plants that can withstand short dry or wet spells but overwatering loosens the soil which cannot then support the weight of the large flower heads.

Posted in News & Blogs on 28 July 2014