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American chocolate fans rejoice as Hershey's hits shelves at Asda

If you’re a big fan of Hershey’s – the iconic American chocolate – we’ve got some great news for you. We’re the first supermarket in the UK to bring a range of Hershey’s treats across the Atlantic and stock them on our shelves.


Lots of Brits who holiday in the United States fall in love with Hershey’s products like the famous foil-wrapped Kisses and miss them when they come home – so our colleagues at Walmart have helped us respond to the demand to stock them over here.

We’re now stocking 12 Hershey’s products including their classic bars, the popular Kisses and milk chocolate Nuggets. Gabi from our grocery team – who’s American and grew up with Hershey’s – introduces you to the range in the video below, and enrols her colleague Dewi for a taste test.

The news is spreading fast on social networks like Twitter:

@BeautyBreezex: OMG – they now sell hersheys in asda. so so so so so excited! love hersheys but i could only order it online, now i don’t have to!!

@xnicolamossx: I just got some Hershey’s kisses! They sell them in asda now! I nearly passed out from excitment!

@Velvet_Rose: OMG!! Asda started selling Hershey’s dies happy

@lynseybutterfly: Just almost fell over they have Hershey’s in Asda!! THIS IS THE GREATEST DAY!!

@Westie84: Yay asda are now selling Hershey chocolate!!!! I have been craving it for weeks

Hersheys KissesThe taste of Hershey’s chocolate is very different to the chocolate we’re used to in the UK – and there’s no denying it’s not to every Brit’s taste.

Harry Wallop, consumer affairs editor at the Daily Telegraph, tweeted: “Asda have started selling range of Hershey’s chocolate. Why? It is vile, vomitty-tasting insult to Brtish milk chocolate.”

So to satisfy the taste-buds of the traditional British chocolate eater our range includes Hershey’s Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate Bar and Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate Kisses which are a bit closer to the flavours we’re used to in the UK.

We’ve also got a fantastic Hershey’s Pink Kisses chocolate that’s perfect for Mother’s Day, wrapped in pink foil with all proceeds going to Tickled Pink.

You’ll find the classic Hershey’s bar in most Asda stores; Kisses, Nuggets and mini-bars are available in selected stores. Buy online.

American favourites: With the help of our Walmart colleagues we’re able to bring lots of famous global brands into the UK. What other iconic American products would you like to see on the shelves at Asda? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

TWITTER COMPETITION CLOSED: Our Twitter competition to win a box of Hershey’s goodies is now closed and the winner has been announced. Terms and conditions.

Posted in News & Blogs on 26 March 2011