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Help us name our gingerbread lady in aid of our Tickled Pink campaign

Our new gingerbread lady will be launching in Asda cafes later this summer in aid of Tickled Pink – and we’re asking our Facebook fans to help us name her!

Gingerbread lady

Although we’ve offered gingerbread men and even gingerbread reindeer at Christmas before this will be the first time we’ve put a gingerbread lady on the menu!

We’ve had some great name suggestions so far! Some people have been inspired by the spirit of Tickled Pink to come up with names such as Joy, Faith and Hope.

“Hope, I think that’s a great name for all the fighters and others affected. or perhaps do two types and let people write on them x” – Tammy Sturt

“Faith is a good name….this is certainly what I needed when I had my Breast Cancer. :-)” – Gloria Crossley

“Please call her Bertha as quite a lot of people have suggested as the travelling mammogram caravan is called Bertha and it saved my life and I’m sure that of many others!!!” – Rita Jones

Others suggesting naming her after people close to them.

“Pat for my sister who has passed away last week x” – Jan Holmes

“In memory of my late sister Rosemarie Bird who lost her battle against breast cancer” – Pat Davis

“Sharon, in aid of my sister whos fighting breast cancer at the minute,and there is about 10 of us doing the race for life in aid of her and all the other sufferers” – Dawn Dan

“Kathy as that was what my mum’s name was and she lost her life to breast cancer” – Alison Paige

“‘Rachel’ as my sister is fighting breast cancer now! :( " – Lea Thurkle

“Elaine – after an amazing Lady who fought Breast Cancer for 17years before it took her life 7years ago. xx” – Abi Taylor

“Brave!! tribute to all the brave ladies and the families being affected by breast cancer x” – Nicola McCarthy

Some people spotted a celebrity connection:

“Angelina, after Angelina Joli. She has inspired many women at the moment with her breast cancer operations x” – Charlotte Halle

“Kylie… As she is a surviver or Jade in her memory” – Sphannah Farrington

“It has to be Geri because she’s Ginger Spice-d !!!” – Lorna Bannister

There were anagram suggestions and plenty of fun names on a “pink” theme, like Lily the Pink or the Pink Ladies in Greece. Some people noticed her curvy shape:

“It looks like me after my summer holiday so should be called Angie!” – Angie

“I love the fact she’s move n curvy… The big pink?” – Katie Masoodi

“Beryl because she is very like the ladies in the Beryl Cooke paintings” – Karen Brady

And we loved this suggestion:

“My son says mummy gingerbread coz he loves his mum and gingerbread men” – Christina Shervell

Whatever her name, we hope she’ll be a big hit with kids – each gingerbread lady will be £1 with 10p going to Breast Cancer Campaign and Breast Cancer Care.

Posted in News & Blogs on 21 May 2013