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Niko's reunited with his teddy after his mum spots our Facebook appeal

We love a story with a happy ending. When colleagues at our Govan store found this lost teddy with a distinctive hearing aid we posted an appeal on Facebook to try to track down the owner.

Niko and his teddy

It belongs to four-year-old Niko – and he was reunited with it when his mum Magda Kruk, who’s a fan of Asda on Facebook, spotted the bear in her newsfeed.

The distinctive bear, which has a hearing aid, was lost in the Govan store shortly before Christmas. Colleagues looked after it and posted photos of it on their own social media accounts hoping its owner would come forward. When that didn’t work we put out our own appeal on Facebook, which had a fantastic response and was shared by more than 11,000 people. The post was spotted by Magda – and colleagues were able to reunite Niko with his bear later that day.

Magda had given up hope of finding it and even bought four-year-old Niko a cuddly panda to replace it – but she was amazed and relieved when she saw the teddy appear in her Facebook newsfeed.

Magda with Niko and his sister Nina

She called the store and rushed in, and customer services colleague Hazel McBride passed the teddy over to a delighted Niko. Here’s what she posted afterwards:

She said: "I couldn’t be more grateful and lucky at the same time that we lost our teddy in Asda – because of your fabulous staff and the post on social media we got reunited with our teddy!

“I follow Asda on Facebook and the photo of the teddy just came up in my newsfeed. I thought, ‘Oh my God that’s Niko’s teddy’. It’s so distinctive it had to be the one.

“I called the store and spoke to Hazel and said we would be coming straight in to pick the teddy up.

“Niko recognised him straight away and pointed his wee finger at the teddy at the customer service desk. It was amazing to see my boy cuddle his teddy again. He squeezed the teddy to his chest straightaway – he just loves it.

“He was so sad when it was lost – we looked everywhere for it but couldn’t find it.”

The teddy has been in Magda’s family for around 20 years. Her mum Teresa (pictured below with Niko and his sister Nina) is an audiologist for hearing aid manufacturers Widex, who give them to children who come in with hearing difficulties.

Niko and Nina with their grandma Teresa

Magda said: "My brother Przemek is deaf and my mother gave us both a bear when I was 14 or 15. Then when Niko was born I gave him one of the bears. Unfortunately that got lost so last June I gave this bear to Niko.

“The teddies have a dummy hearing aid on to show children that wearing a hearing aid is normal because teddies have them too.

“You can’t buy them and it’s very unusual that you see them so I knew this was definitely Niko’s.”

Magda shops regularly at the Govan store and thinks Niko lost the teddy on a shopping trip in the store before Christmas.

Asda Govan General Store Manager Mark Allan said: "We’re very pleased that we were able to reunite this little boy with his teddy bear.

“You could tell by looking at the bear that it was well-loved and it stood out from the rest of the lost property.

“Colleagues looked after it for a few months in the hope that we would find the owner and it’s great that it’s all worked out.”

Posted in News & Blogs on 17 March 2017