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Giving you all the facts on the frozen burger issue

You’ve probably seen reports in the media recently about traces of horse meat and horse DNA being found in some frozen meat products being sold by supermarkets in the UK.

We were as shocked by these reports as anyone else, and have been doing everything possible to ensure we get to the facts so we can share them with you.

Though we weren’t one of the retailers implicated in the Irish Food Standards Agency’s report, as soon as we were made aware we immediately withdrew 29 frozen meat products from sale as a precaution and to test them for any traces of horse meat.

This week, test have confirmed that none of the 29 products we took off the shelves contain horse meat.

However, four products, which were manufactured at the Silvercrest factory in Ireland, have tested positive for very small trace elements of horse DNA – equivalent to one grain of salt in a bag of crisps, most likely as a result of cross-contamination in the factory concerned.

Although these levels are very small, we do take this matter very seriously and we’re continuing to investigate this.

There is no human health risk from having consumed any of these products, but we appreciate that may be of little comfort to you.

You can obviously return any products you are worried about for a full refund.

Please contact us if you have any concerns about this issue.

In the meantime we are keeping the Food Standards Agency updated on our investigations. And we will not be taking any further supplies from the Silvercrest factory in Ireland.

Posted in News & Blogs on 30 January 2013