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Is my Nania Trio car seat safe? Get the facts on the Which? report

If you’ve bought a Nania Trio car seat from Asda you might be worried about how safe it is following a report by Which? magazine this week.

Nania Trio Plus car seatThe consumer magazine reviewed a range of car seats and advised customers not to buy the Nania Trio Plus Group 0/1 car seat manufactured by Team Tex. The model they tested has been discontinued and has not been on sale at Asda since 2012.

The seat currently on sale at Asda has been significantly updated and the manufacturer is happy to replace the old model with a brand new one if you are worried.

Although the car seat met all the required EU safety standards, Which? found it scored poorly in their own safety tests. The report said “The biggest cause for concern is the position of the adult seatbelt when the seat is used for older children. A Group 2 child car seat should hold an older child in place with the adult seat belt across the pelvis and across the shoulder. But the Nania Trio Plus routes the adult seat belt through the seat, so that the force of a crash is absorbed by the neck and tummy.”

The previous version of the seat scored 56% when used as a rearward-facing Group 0 seat for children up to 10kg and 36% when used as a forward-facing Group 1 seat for children 9-18kg. However, it failed the test when used with the adult seatbelt, giving it an overall score of 0%.

How to tell which car seat model you have

Both models look identical from the front but if you’re not sure exactly which version you have you can check by looking at the back of the car seat. The new model has a slightly different design on the car seat shell – as you can see from the picture above.

The new model will also have a different serial number – it should start with the model number D12 followed by the year of manufacture – either 2012 or 2013. The last part of the serial number is unique – if your car seat’s serial number starts D12 2012 and ends in a number higher than 131000 it will be the newer model. If the number is lower than 131000 it will be the older version.

For more information or to arrange a replacement please contact Team Tex directly by calling 01530 519728 or emailing We know some people have been experiencing difficulties getting through to Team Tex so if you prefer you can take the seat back into store for a replacement or refund. Just to be clear the Nania car seat currently in our Baby Event is the new model and not the one reviewed by Which? magazine. However if any customer is unhappy with their choice of car seat we will of course be happy to refund them in the usual way in store.

Posted in News & Blogs on 11 June 2013