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Get a free diabetes screening test at your Asda Pharmacy

Recent reports suggest that 700,000 people in the UK are set to have diabetes by the end of the decade – but new research for Asda shows that more than half of people don’t see it as a health concern.

That’s one of the reasons we’re offering free diabetes tests for customers and colleagues at our 253 Asda Pharmacies nationwide. There’s no need to make an appointment – you can simply pop in as you do your weekly shop.


The blood glucose test, carried out at Asda by trained pharmacy colleagues, measures the amount of glucose in your blood at the time of the test. While this test does not diagnose diabetes, a positive screening result highlights the possibility the patient may be at risk and offers the opportunity for them to seek the correct medical advice.

Our latest research shows that more than one in 10 (13%) people don’t know what diabetes is. There is also confusion about the causes, even among people who suffer themselves, or know someone has been diagnosed with it.

Some 40% of people in the UK incorrectly believe eating sugary foods, a virus or fasting for long periods of time causes diabetes – of which all are myths.

Type 1 diabetes is a non-preventable disease and the causes are not known. Type 2 diabetes – the most common form – is associated with multiple risk factors, including having a close family history of diabetes, being overweight or obese (if your waist is 31.5 inches or over for women; 35 inches or over for Asian men and 37 inches or over for white and black men), having high blood pressure or having suffered a heart attack or stroke. Full details about the risk factors associated with diabetes can be found on the Diabetes UK website.

Faisal Tuddy, deputy superintendent pharmacist at Asda, said: "It is worrying to discover people still aren’t clued up to the causes of diabetes, especially when statistics from Diabetes UK and the NHS prove we’re a nation at risk.

“We offer free blood glucose screening and advice to our shoppers, which can help indicate the likelihood someone has, or is at risk of developing diabetes in the future. We’re testing over 1,000 shoppers a month and aim to educate people about diabetes and raise awareness nationwide.”

We’ve been offering customers blood glucose screening since 2007 and test more than 1,000 shoppers every month. 13,400 tests were carried out in 2012.

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Posted in News & Blogs on 11 January 2013