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George are now selling Morphsuits

Morphsuits are the costume phenomenon taking over the world and we’re now selling them at George!

These all-in-one spandex suits cover your whole body from head to toe and have a zip fastening hood – you can breathe through them, see through them and drink through them – but nobody can see you!

Morph suits

These genuine Morphsuits use the perfect mix of spandex which means your suit will fit better, last longer and bring hours of fun.

Morphsuits go down a storm pretty much anywhere – from festivals to football games and fundraisers to stag parties! You can wear the outfits on their own or accesorise to make your ideal costume.

We’ve got three vibrant colours at – choose from blue, black and red for just £30 each. And you can also get your hands on the latest Morphsuit – the Tuxedo. It costs just £35 and is a smarter choice for any special occasion!

Would you dare to wear one?

Posted in News & Blogs on 17 April 2013