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Our new look fish counters make it simple to enjoy the catch of the day

If you love fish but are reluctant to prepare and cook it at home pop along to one of our fresh fish counters and discover Fish Made Simple.

Our friendly fishmongers will help you choose your fish, select a marinade, sauce or topping, and pack it up ready to be popped in the oven or microwave. Asda fishmonger Darren Wrend shows you in our new TV ad:

You’ll find a fantastic choice on our fish counters – but we know a lot of people can find the idea of handling and preparing fish a bit daunting, or they just don’t know what to do with different varieties of fish.

With Fish Made Simple you’re just three easy steps away from trying something new and delicious.

First, choose your fish or kebab – tuna, salmon, cod, monkfish, sea bass, prawns, scallops, whatever you fancy.

Second, choose a marinade, sauce, butter or crumb coating – from flavours like teriyaki, fragrant Thai sauce, spicy cajun crumbs and lemon and pepper butter.

Third, choose a simple way to cook – microwave bag (ready in just 3 minutes), oven bag (cutting down on mess and smell) or a BBQ foil tray (ready for summer eating!)

Asda fish kebabs

It all adds up to more than 100 different combinations – everything from trout in creamy wine sauce to prawn and salmon kebabs flavoured with sweet red chilli and garlic.

Each fish dish in the range costs between £2.28 and £2.38 – and currently you can get two for just £4. It’s a great way to enjoy healthy, affordable, delicious food … with the minimum of fuss!

Posted in News & Blogs on 19 March 2012