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Happy Father's Day to the Asda dads who work with their children

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads at our stores across the country – especially those who work with members of their family.

Here are just some of the Asda dads celebrating Father’s Day this weekend:

Dominic and Mollie

Dominic McCoy (pictured above) works nights alongside his daughter Mollie at our Antrim store.

Mollie said: “My dad is a real inspiration to me, and I joined the Asda team about six months ago to follow in his footsteps. As we are both work the night shift, we’re used to staying up and working into the wee hours in store together. Father’s Day is a really special occasion for us.”

Stuart and Cameron

Stuart Lee, general store manager at our Pwllheli store, has recently been joined by his son Cameron.

“He loves it,” said Stuart. “The hours are flexible which is perfect for him as he’s currently studying for his A-levels. He probably gets quite a hard time off me because I don’t want to be seen to be favouring him in any way! But we always remain professional.”

Kelly and Andrew

Section Leader Andrew Gillard works with his daughter Kelly at Asda Patchway. Kelly, who’s a pharmacy technician, said her dad has helped her on a number of occasions.

Kelly said: “Before I could drive my father used to pick me up from work and on one occasion a patient needed a prescription urgently and couldn’t get to the pharmacy, so my father drove me to the patient’s house to deliver their prescription medicine before he started his shift that evening.”

Kimberly, Paul and Kelly

Paul Haynes works at our Doncaster store with his daughters Kimberly and Kelly.

Gerry and John

Bakery colleague Gerry Crilly, who’s 74, works at our Westwood store in Belfast with his son John, who works in the security department.

Gerry said: “Father’s Day is a big occasion for us – I’m already a great-grandfather and can’t believe John will be a dad this year too!”

Darren and Joseph

Production and fresh replenishment manager Darren and twilight section leader Joseph Johnston have worked together at Asda Larne for a year and a half.

Joseph said: “My dad has worked at Asda Larne for over three and a half years, and what he has achieved in that time is incredible – progressing to become a manager.”

Posted in News & Blogs on 16 June 2017