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Asda Facebook fans share their favourite Easter family traditions

We asked our Facebook fans to tell us about their Easter traditions – the fun things they always do with their families every year – and the hundreds of responses made great reading.

Easter egg rolling

It was wonderful to hear about all the different traditions that have been handed down through generations in different parts of the UK – everything from decorating hard-boiled eggs and rolling them down a hill to giving children new clothes as a present for Easter Sunday.

Food featured in lots of people’s favourite traditions – chocolate, of course, as well as egg-based dishes, fish on Good Friday and an Easter Sunday roast. And a new one on us: planting “magic” jelly beans that grow into lollipops and treats overnight!

Lauren, one of our Facebook fans, commented to say: “Loving looking through all these ideas to start some family traditions now I have my own little one.”

Here’s 50 of the responses we received from customers and colleagues:

  • Easter egg hunts with the kids on Easter Sunday has always been a tradition in our family – as well as the odd one or two eggs which get found about two weeks later because we forgot we hid them! Lol x – Emma Louise
  • Our Easter tradition is painting boiled eggs with our children then rolling them down a big hill. The winner is the one whose egg is still intact or the one with the least damage :) – Deborah
  • We still do our boiled eggs competition. My daughter loves the 1980s – this is her boiled egg collection – Mandy

Depeche Mode Easter eggs

  • We have regular surprise visits from the Easter Bunny throughout the day. He can leave eggs and gifts anywhere so have to keep your eyes open. It causes great excitement :-) – Bev
  • Spending quality family time together… We usually go away to a little cottage in the Brecon Beacons. We start Easter Sunday by going to church and then it’s enjoying a fantastic roast for lunch and of course after lunch it’s our traditional Easter Egg hunt. The day is ended by stuffing our mouths with chocolate whilst watching a family movie together! – Fiona
  • My boys love Easter – they each have a list with different clues on and have to answer the questions and follow the clues to find the eggs and at the end unlock a chest together with their final code to get a prize to share. Magical moments watching them work together to crack the code :) xx – Victoria
  • Have to have an Easter Bonnet :) Wynne is now at the age where she can join in and enjoy – Michelle

Wynne's Easter bonnet

  • We make three Easter trails for our grandchildren from our front door, hall, lounge, dining room, kitchen, back hall, utility room, downstairs bedroom, up the stairs along the hall for three further bedrooms, bathroom, then hopefully weather permitting outside in the garden, balloons and banners hanging from trees, bunny prints etc. You can imagine how many Easter eggs and quizzes they have to do. They count the eggs with great glee. We then have turkey dinner for the nine of us followed by party games. We love it – Sheila
  • We go up the mountains and roll hardboiled eggs down them then eat them after our picnic. No matter the weather this was done when I was a child and with my children – and now the grandchildren – Bernie
  • My family Easter tradition is going and collecting the eggs from our chickens on an Easter Sunday, only to find that they’ve laid creme eggs!! My parents did this with us kids and we now do it with our kids. The expression on their faces is priceless – Rhian
  • We bake for all of our neighbours every single year – Gina

Easter baking

  • Always given new clothes, originally for Sunday best, a habit I continued with my sons – Eileen
  • We don’t eat meat on Good Friday – our tradition is just salt fish fritters, fried fish and West Indian bun and cheese – Jacqueline
  • Every Easter no matter whether rain, snow or even very rarely sunshine, we have a family picnic. Boiled eggs, soggy sarnies and flask of tomato soup, true tradition –  have done it since I left home at 16, now the kids and grandkids all join in. Brilliant fun – Fiona
  • We buy new Easter outfits, quite an old tradition I think. My nan used to do it for my mum – a new dress at Christmas and Easter. So bought three lovely dresses from Asda the other week for my daughters. And we like to make bonnets too. The eldest is making hers this week and the baby is too young but here’s my two-year-old’s bonnet – Stacey

Easter bonnet

  • We have dippy eggs and soldiers for breakfast. My dad always did them for us as kids and I have carried on the tradition x – Becca
  • We always go to the same hill that my dad took us to and roll our hand painted boiled eggs – I’m now taking my grandchildren there :) – Lynn
  • I come from a family of eight. At Easter time we always got dressed in our Sunday best and went for a picnic – either up the river or down the beach (we live in Nairn and have both). If the weather was bad, wet, we would still have our picnic – roll our boiled, painted, eggs down the stairs and have our picnic on the sitting room floor. Loved it – quality family time – Jenny
  • We plant ‘magic’ jelly beans which grow into lollipops and treats (as well as a mini egg hunt) :-D – Gemma

Magic jelly bean plants

  • We go to Sunday mass at our local Catholic Church in the morning then when we get home the Easter Bunny has been and left our two little boys an egg hunt. Then in the afternoon my husband cooks a nice leg of lamb and my parents join us. Last year we were lucky enough to be in Stockholm for Easter Sunday and the Easter Bunny even managed to do them an egg hunt in the hotel room! – Georgina
  • Every year we bring out my hand blown and painted real organic eggs that came from my mum’s free range chickens in Carmarthenshire. They are over 20 years old and remind me of my mum and all the happy Easters we spent doing egg hunts on four acres of land !!!!! – Jacqui
  • I used to go marching on Good Friday in the town centre with the Girls’ Brigade. At the end of it we would all be given an orange – no one ever seemed to know why. After the marches all the bairns would come out in their new clothes. I remember running home and putting my new clothes on – Mavis
  • Our family tradition is we always decorate hardboiled eggs for school. I have stuck my fingers together a number of times and my skin is raw, but I think it’s worth it as this is our attempt of The Beatles – Amanda

Eggy Beatles

  • This year is my little girl’s first proper Easter. I’ve bought an Easter egg hunt kit ready to hide them round the garden and the best part is that my other half will be dressing up as the Easter bunny. He’s already put down the deposit for the costume – can’t wait to take pictures!! – Hayley
  • For the last three years our Easter tradition has been making paper mache Easter eggs using a balloon. Once dry my daughters decorate their own. The Easter Bunny comes along and fills their eggs with little gifts. My 2 and 7 year old love it. We also do an easter egg hunt x – Lauren
  • Every Easter Monday the whole family go to the commons in Donaghdee and roll our hardboiled eggs down the hill until they break. Only then can we eat them. My father in law boils all the eggs and paints everyone’s name on them then it’s time for lunch, usually for 25 or so. Great day out for all ages – Joanne
  • My hubby organises the egg hunt, and writes brilliant cryptic clues. I do the baking – Heather

Easter cake

  • We used to play duck apple as kids, where you have to get the apple out the bowl of water. Even the dog used to play until he realised all the fuss was for apples and that nobody was sat in front of the fire, so he would go back and lay down – Kevin
  • Chocolate for breakfast! In bed! It’s tradition! Then of course we have to strip the bed as my two mucky monsters get chocolate gets every where! It’s all good fun! X – Stacey
  • We go to our local National Trust property to do the egg hunt and then back home for roast lamb and a hot cross bread and butter pudding for afters :) – Eleanor
  • Colouring hard boiled eggs :))) And then everyone picks one to fight with – and waiting to see in the end who wins with whole not cracked egg :) – Nina

Painted eggs

  • My mum used to buy a new dress, new ankle socks and new tan-coloured sandals for the Sunday School Anniversary and my mum, who has passed away now many years ago, used to come to the Church and listen to all the chidren sing on Easter Sunday. Ohh what lovely memories xx – Rose
  • As a Jamaican we always have our traditional bun and cheese. Our main Easter Sunday dish would be rice and peas with roast beef/roast lamb/fried fish – Jennifer
  • A family Easter egg hunt which always ends in my sister completely forgetting where she has hidden a few of the eggs and us finding them months later lol x – Charmaine
  • Easter is my favourite time of year but making miniature Easter bonnets for the teddies is my fav! – Katie

Katie's teddies

  • My two leave a basket at their bedroom door and The Easter Bunny leaves a trail of Easter treats to their ‘proper egg’ – Wendy
  • My husband’s a vicar and we get up at 4am on Easter Sunday for an open-air sunrise service at the top of Dundry Hill. There’s a seating area and you can look across the whole of Bristol – Anne
  • Every year on Easter Sunday in the morning I do an Easter egg hunt in my house with my two daughters. In the afternoon we go to a place called Millport. We go up the large hill and my two girls roll their decorated boiled eggs down to the bottom. After that we go for a lovely family meal (13 people). We spend all day in Millport xx – Lynsey
  • We love making bonnets, having Easter egg hunts in the house and then delivering Easter eggs to family :) xxx – Chloe

Easter bonnets

  • We’ll start the day with a stroll to our local farm to see how the animals are getting on. I’ll then beg my fiancé to let us get a pet goat/lamb/pig/chicken but he’ll be mean and say no. Then we’ll get home and make a start on dinner, a big roast for us and our mums. After that we’ll relax on the sofa nibbling on our Easter eggs and snuggling under cosy blankets! A perfect day! – Charlie
  • Making egg baskets with newspaper and flour with water! Kid friendly and good fun for all the family! We were introduced to it last year and look forward to doing the same every year – Jamie-lee
  • We always have toasted hot cross buns for breakfast … bit of a lazy morning … then wherever possible Sunday roast which has gotta be lamb with all the trimmings … in the morning we hide our daughter’s eggs around the house and she has to find them … and seeing as it’s Easter she’s allowed to eat one before breakfast :-) :-)–Lisa
  • We love to go on a Bluebell walk and have a picnic afterwards – Cherry

Easter bluebells

  • We would do an Easter egg treasure hunt around the house and garden with clues to the next egg on Easter Sunday when the children were small. Graduating to around our neighbourhood when the children were in their teens. Shops, cafes and friends all helping out. The clues got harder and more cryptic the older the children got. Miss those times, but it is a tradition my children are continuing with my grandchildren – Lynne
  • As well as the usual Easter egg hunt, our family also do a ‘Secret Bunny’ – we all draw names and buy an Easter egg for one other person. It’s lots of fun trying to guess who bought which egg. The kids love it – Elizabeth
  • I was always bought a brand new dress for Easter Sunday, which was a real treat. I’ve kept that tradition with my own daughter – Joanne
  • We started ours this year (a little early). Had an Easter egg hunt with my little girl, her best friend & 2 nieces :) had a big Easter party at mine then hunted eggs & won prizes! I’m a big kid, & chief Bunny Easter day will be me & my little girl baking! – Anna

Easter bunnies

  • Easter Sunday is breakfast in bed, exchange of eggs to each other (and a little bit of munching them too!) Showers and then the whole family meet at Gran’s house for a massive roast lamb … followed with buffet tea, more chocolate eating and all the family watching a film. This year we have the little one’s Easter bonnet for him to wear all day too – Tess
  • We always have fish for dinner on Good Friday, a tradition inherited from my mother. We also go on an Easter Egg hunt on Easter Sunday – Louise
  • Mum used make her own Simnel cake complete with those fuzzy yellow chicks! Of course we made Easter egg crispy nests. Memories of sitting at the bottom of the stairs licking the bowl with chocolate round our mouths! We decorated hard boiled eggs, to roll them down a big hill on Easter Sunday, followed by a giant roast lamb that would feed the community! – Liz
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