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Don't be taken in by this urban myth about a child abduction

A completely false rumour about a child being abducted in an Asda supermarket has been spreading like wildfire on the internet and by text message in the past couple of days.

It’s a hoax story that appears regularly in a variety of guises, both in the UK and in the US. The story is usually that a little girl is abducted from her family while they are shopping, then taken to the toilets, where her head is shaved so she can be smuggled out as a boy.

This urban myth has circulated for more than 10 years and sometimes rears its head. It’s as untrue today as it’s ever been.

It’s clear from the number of calls we’ve received in the last 24 hours that it’s doing the rounds again.

Here’s the latest version some people have received as a text message or email:

“Dear All. This is a very serious message that I hope you can pass on to as many people as you can. Last night at the big Asda in Manchester a 3 year old girl went missing. Fortunately their policy when something like this happens is to lock the doors. The little girl was found in the toilets with 2 Romanian women. One shaving her head and the other dressing her in boys clothes. This come from an employee who was there last night. Please pass the message round to as many as you can and remain extra vigilant with your own children.”

So if you receive the message don’t worry about it – have a Google around and you’ll see plenty of examples of the same story in many different guises and different places.

Posted in News & Blogs on 13 November 2009