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Doing The Right Thing update

We recently took Doug Miller, Emeritus Professor in Worker Rights in Fashion (Northumbria University), to see some of the factories we work with in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, and show him the work we’re doing on our Lean manufacturing programme.

As part of our commitment to doing the right thing, we’re engaging suppliers and pioneering the concept of the Standard Minute Value. This will help establish the true open cost of manufacturing a garment which is fundamental in our approach to ensuring workers earn a fairer wage.

Together with Doug, we are keen to explore how standard minute values can be used to develop a sustainable labour costing approach which we think has the potential to be industry-leading.

In 2011, Jen Creevy from Retail Week joined the team in Bangladesh as we launched our Doing the Right Thing document. Since then, we have made some really important and exciting developments in our projects – we have taken steps to further look after the interests of the people who make our clothes, and helping our suppliers to increase clothing quality and productivity in the supply chain.

To read more about the work we’re doing with the George supply chain, read our Doing the Right Thing update here.

Posted in News & Blogs on 14 November 2012