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Showing our customers how we do the right thing in Bangladesh

Last week we visited some of the factories we source from in Bangladesh with Jen Creevy from Retail Week. We wanted to share with her – and you – all of the great work we have been doing behind the scenes to help workers abroad and show how proud we are that we can say that our customers can shop with a clear conscience.

Lots of people think, and say, we must have low ethical standards because of our low prices. That’s a myth we want to shatter. If you want to know how we do it, we’ve pulled it all into one place – you can download our report called ‘Doing the Right Thing’ here as a PDF. We always want to show we are doing the right thing.

We showed Jen how we have implemented a programme called Lean manufacturing in four factories. The Lean trial has increased productivity, workers’ wages and improved quality and we wanted to share the news that because that was so successful we are rolling Lean out to 17 more factories that account for $150m in exports to George and will impact thousands of workers within our supply chain. If you want to read Jen’s report in Retail Week, here’s the link.

Two years ago, we also funded a new school in Ashulia, just outside Dhaka. The school has 182 pupils and if you want to see how well behaved they were when we visited then take a look at the video above.

Posted in News & Blogs on 08 April 2011