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Galentines take to social media to tell us about their best friends

Happy Galentine’s Day! We had a brilliant response from Asda Facebook fans after we posted about best friends Wendy and Paula from our St Leonards-on-Sea store.

Wendy and Paula

February 13th is a day for celebrating special friendships – and Wendy got in touch to tell us that she and Paula have been great friends since the store opened six years ago, along with their colleagues Ruth and Tracey.

We posted about their story on Asda’s Facebook page and offered our fans the chance to win a £50 gift card for their best friend. In response to the post, customers and colleagues from across the country shared amazing stories of what makes their best friends extra special.

Here are some of our favourites:

Zoë Smith: My best friend is special to to me, our mum’s were in labour ward together and we went to the same schools. 41 years later and we are still best friends couldn’t be without her. She is a beautiful person and she has taken her mum in and being her carer. Even though it’s hard she still smiles. I love her xx

Jo Hawkins: Me and my best friend live 4000 miles apart, we started writing to each other as pen pals in 1994 and over the years we have become closer than ever! We text every day and we also FaceTime each other, who says long distance friendships can’t last! X

Meg Campbell: My best friend is Claire Mavers…we met at nursery when we were 3 and have been inseparable. I lost my memory when I got sick, and she was the only one that I felt comfortable talking to (not even my husband…oops) I didn’t know who.anyone was and she talked me through my entire life, because she had been there for all of it. I was there when her baby girl was born, waiting for that first cry and cuddle…honoured to be godmother. She was there to calm me the morning of my wedding ( or help me escape if needed hahahaha) our birthdays are 4 days apart…mine on the 12th Feb hers on 16th Feb. She always points out I’m older. We have twin like senses and know when the other is needing us. I love her so much, and never forget to make.sure she knows it. Love you sis! Xxxxxxx (yes it’s soppy, weesht lol)

Kerry Townsend: My daughter Carlie Townsend is my BEST friend. Since becoming ill a few years ago, I can honestly say that she has been there for me every day! Carlie ALWAYS makes me smile. We have an amazing bond and often end up in fits of laughter over silly things . She is without a doubt….The best friend I could ever want. X

Chloe Stewart: OK OK so time to get soppy…. I’ve been best friends with Isla Hilsden literally (in may on her 29th birthday) 29 years! I am 3 months and 20 days older then her and even though we don’t see each other regularly she’s there for me when I need her as I am for her. She made me god mother to her handsome son harry and is currently pregnant again with another baby boy who we are all so excited to meet. She’s not just my best friend she’s my “twin sister” and I love her unconditionally. We’ve both gone through some nightmares in our lives but we’d never let the other face any of it alone!

Sandie Louise: We’ve been best friends since we were babies, she moved away when she was 5 and I was 4 but were reunited when we were both 12 (we are now 32) after she moved 4 doors away from me. We are godmother to each others children and both my daughter and I were bridesmaids at her wedding. We don’t need to see each other to know the other is there when needed and would bend over backwards to help one another. She is so much more than just my best friends, she is my sister, my confidant, my partner in crime, my everything. I truly would be lost without this girl. Love you Donna Williamson. X X X

Caz Hague: My best friend is my mum Valerie, a valentines baby too, she will be 73 on Valentines Day. She has always put other people before herself, and is the most hard working beautiful lady I have ever met. She deserves only the best. She still works as a carer in an old folks home and puts everything into her job to provide the best care ever. I cant think of anyone more deserving than my best friend,my mum x

Catherine Bennett I have been best friend with Barbara for 40 years she as been there to support me though think and thin my husband died 15 years ago and Barbara and her husband mick take me on holiday when ever there go and never leave me out were el very there l go too late think she deserves a treat for putting up with me all these years thank you x

Posted in News & Blogs on 13 February 2017