Crysis 3 has arrived in store - Get your limited Hunter Edition quickly!

Video games buyer Ben Encell takes a look at the brand new game in the Crysis franchise. Find out what he and the team make of it.

Imagine a world where New York City is an urban jungle – quite literally. Run down and unloved, a jungle has appeared over years of destruction and decay… Imagine the said city was run by a private military and they have erected a dome over the city, creating a huge greenhouse where trees grow from buildings.

The main character is a human warrior (believe us this is abnormal in this game) and the weapon of choice is a bow and arrow (old school!!), but we love this – think something out of the Avengers. Disclaimer time: There are other weapons you can choose, we just prefer the bow and arrow! Your main objective is to defeat the said military – who are well, inhuman?!!

The attention to detail within this game is amazing. Visually this game is one of the best yet. The highlight as per the previous iterations has to be a Grand Central station battle – these moments are now written into gaming folklore. It would be easy to think you were watching a movie, if you weren’t button bashing all the way through…

We will be selling this for £38.00, and we have a limited amount of the Hunter Edition – so get it quick!!

Posted by Ben on 26 February 2013
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