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Save up to 4% on your big Christmas shop - if you hurry!

Christmas Savings CardSome people have been saving hard all year for Christmas with the Asda Christmas Savings Card – but there’s still time to qualify for a Christmas bonus if you’re quick!

To qualify you need to have at least £49 on your Asda Christmas Bonus card by November 17th. The more you save the bigger the bonus you will receive:

Save £144 – bonus is £6
Save £97 – bonus is £3
Save £49 – bonus is £1

If you qualify for a Christmas bonus we’ll add it to your card this Monday (November 18th). So if you save £144 this week you will have £150 to spend on Monday. Make sure you don’t miss out!

You can pick up a Christmas savings card and top-up in store. Simply present your card at the till and choose how much you’d like to add to your card – then just keep topping it up until Bonus Day. If you want to increase your bonus you can have more than one card.

You can also protect your balance and check how much you’ve saved by registering your card online. To purchase or register your card go to

Posted in News & Blogs on 13 November 2013