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Price Lock: We're holding down the prices of everyday essentials

Asda Price Lock

On the day the Chancellor steps out of Number 11 to deliver his Budget, we’re setting out what we’re doing to help support hard-pressed families with their own budgets – the Asda Price Lock.

We’re committed to keeping down the price of everyday essentials, and over the past seven months we’ve price-locked the things you’ve told us are most important for you and your family – staples like bread, milk and eggs.

And now – as our Budget Day TV ad sets out – you can rely on our Price Lock to hold down the price of everyday essentials for a minimum 12 weeks… so no risk of nasty surprises when you reach the tills.

We’ve been talking to mums across the UK about how they’re coping in the tough economic climate – and what would make their lives easier.

Our latest Mumdex research found seven out of 10 mums are budgeting more now then they were a year ago and three quarters are regularly comparing product prices in supermarkets.

See the full findings from the first full year of our Mumdex research in the video below or click here.

Posted in News & Blogs on 20 March 2013