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Reducing food waste at home could save you £60 a month

The average UK household throws away six meals a week according to a report out this week. That’s equivalent to a whopping £60 a month!

food waste

Bread, milk and potatoes are the top three foods people throw away each week according to the research from recycling campaigners Waste and Resources Action Programme (Wrap).

But there are loads of things you can do to avoid wasting food at home – and save money at the same time.

We’ve been working with Wrap since 2009 to reduce food waste. This year we backed their “Love Food Hate Waste campaign” – here’s just a few of their handy tips on making food last longer and using leftovers. There’s loads more tips and recipes on their website.

Wrap is also urging people to look at “use by” dates rather than “best before”. At Asda we’re looking into ditching “best before” dates on fresh products wherever we can.

And in September this year we extended the shelf life of 58 of our Chosen by you and Butcher’s Selection beef and lamb products by introducing new “darfresh skin pack” packaging. This means they stay fresh on our shelves and in your fridges for between eight and 18 days longer than before.

Our Fresh Produce team has also developed new packaging for our Extra Special Cornish Crystal Potatoes, a new film called ‘viridflex’ designed to reduce moisture around the potatoes to extend their life.

As a major retailer we’re doing everything we can to reduce waste in our supply chain. Earlier this year we partnered with Fareshare in an industry first to donate surplus food products from our suppliers to the charities who need it most. We’ve just extended this to manufacturers so that we can eliminate waste even earlier in the supply chain. Read more about our Fareshare partnership.

We’re also bringing suppliers together to share best practice through our innovative Asda Sustain and Save Exchange.

Unlike other supermarkets we don’t encourage our customers to buy more than they need. We stopped doing “Buy one get one free” promotions in 2008 and instead we help customers save money by keeping our prices low all year round.

And our zero waste to landfill policy means none of our stores or depots send food to landfill sites. Any waste we do have is turned into something else, for example, much waste is converted to energy through anaerobic digestion, and our bakery waste is used in pet food.

Reducing food waste is good news for everyone – it’s great for the environment and it also saves you money. Read the full Wrap report.

Posted in News & Blogs on 08 November 2013