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Asda Smart Price Coffee - good enough to be a work of art!

LilyFine art student Lily Mayor has chosen an unusual medium for her A-level art project – not watercolours or oil paints but Asda Smart Price Coffee!

The 17-year-old first experimented painting with instant coffee as a background colour. Lily said: “I liked the effect that it created so I tried painting with it over some of my watercolour paintings”.

Pheasant painting

She and her fellow art students at Cardinal Newman College in Preston were asked to study bird forms as their final art project.

Duck painting

Her latest painting was created almost entirely out of instant coffee:

Asda Smart Price coffee painting

Asda Smart Price coffee“Asda Smart Price coffee is great for my art, because it is soft so it is easy to crush and create different effects by sprinkling it over my work,” says Lily. “It is also affordable so I am not afraid of using too much.”

And when she’s finished painting she settles down with a nice cup of coffee – “weak and nice and milky”.

Lily, who lives with mum Sharon, is a regular customer at Asda Southport and also a huge fan of X Factor winner – and former Asda colleague – Jahmene Douglas.

Asda Smart Price Coffee costs just 47p for a 100g jar. Also great for drinking!

Posted in News & Blogs on 31 March 2014