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Asda is the number one UK supermarket for Halloween

If you’re planning a Halloween party this month you’ll find everything you need at Asda – we’re well known as the best place in the UK to stock up on terrifying treats to frighten your friends and family.

Our "Halloween aisle is packed with ghoulish goodies and great ideas for decorating your house, from an enchanted broom that sweeps the floor by itself to a wandering ghost and a spooky light-up stick man costume – watch this video from Halloweenerrific blogger Tom who dresses up as Dr Frankenstein to pick his favourite Halloween products.

Make sure you stock up on goodies for trick or treaters – you’ll find plenty of chocolate and sweet treats in Squiddly’s Sweet Shop in store including chocolate eyeballs and packets of “Body Bits” sweets. Squiddly (pictured above) is part of our Monsterville Halloween theme in store and was named by our competition winner Kathryn Cresswell from Galashiels.

Witch costume from Asda

If your kids are going trick or treating this year they should choose their Halloween outfit carefully. A survey this week found that trick or treaters dressed as witches are likely to get the most treats, followed by vampires and skeletons with scarier, modern costumes such as Freddie Krueger getting the worst results.

Our Pulse of the Nation survey also showed that people in Belfast are the most generous when it comes to buying Halloween treats, followed by Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle and Cardiff.

If you’re not a fan of trick or treaters why not turn the tables on them this year by playing a few tricks of your own up. Watch our video below for three ideas on how to scare unwanted visitors:

Whether you’re trick or treating or going to a party we’ve got Halloween costumes for all the family at George at a fraction of the price of specialist fancy dress retailers – vampires and werewolves for dads, witches and devils for mums, Jack Skellington and the Corpse Bride for the kids and cute costumes for babies

We’ve also seen a growing trend for people wanting to dress up their pets at Halloween so there’s even a Halloween range for dogs including a Dracula dog cape, a Skeleton dog costume and a red devil costume – find out more.

Every year our buyers scour the globe looking for new surprises for the Halloween collection. Our ties with Wal-mart mean we can tap into the massive market for Halloween merchandise in the US.

Megan and John from our Halloween team have picked out their favourite products to show how easy it is to transform your home into a Halloween house of horrors.

One of this year’s highlights is Wilhemina the Witch – she’s perfect for giving trick-or-treaters a scare in your garden or for entertaining younger party guests.

Fill up her cauldron with tasty treats and watch as she alarms anyone who tries to take one!

Other favourites include an enchanted broom that appears to sweep the floor all by itself, cackling and screaming as it goes along, and a dancing pirate monkey who does the sideways shuffle to Taio Cruz’s Dynamite.

Some other products that have proven popular in our Halloween aisle this year include our ear-flapping dog, musical hat and Frankenstein pals.

You can buy a selection of the animated accessories online – as well as party packs and decorations.

Posted in News & Blogs on 25 October 2011