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The Asda cow and chickens are back by popular Facebook demand

Brian with Daisy the Cow at Asda Cheltenham We’ve brought back the Asda cow and chickens to our newest superstore in response to customer demand on Facebook.

When we asked our Facebook fans if they’d like to see the cult models back in store the answer was an overwhelming “yes” – and more than 150,000 people have joined a Facebook group Remember being able to press the Cow and Chicken buttons in Asda.

We’ve installed them in Asda Cheltenham next to the milk and eggs and, just like their predecessors, the new animals will “moo” or “cluck” when their buttons are pressed.

This time they’re made of coloured fibreglass, rather than hand-painted, so should stay looking smart for longer and the animal noises are now digital. Colleagues will be pleased to hear the sound doesn’t travel as far and can also be adjusted!

Brian from our in store design team, who found the original cow and chicken models in a cupboard at Asda HQ earlier this year, says they’re already proving a big hit with customers – especially preschool children and teenagers.

Cow and Chickens at Asda Cheltenham

He says: “Customers were saying they missed them and we wanted to put them back in to see if they still had the same resonance as they did all those years ago. It’s a bit of fun. We also wanted to highlight the quality of our food and the work we do with dairy farmers.”

If you’d like to see the new cow and chickens in your nearest store let us know – either by leaving a comment below or getting in touch on our Facebook page.

Posted in News & Blogs on 06 October 2011