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We want Asda stores to play a central role in the local community

We’ve announced a big new initiative for 2012 to get all our stores throughout the UK playing an even more central role in their local community.

Each store will have a community champion

Each store will have a Community Life Champion to work one day a week with community groups and local organisations. They will arrange events in store and inspire colleagues and customers to get involved in local community work. In some of our bigger stores we will be able to provide space, including meeting rooms, for local groups to use.

The announcement follows a successful trial in 31 of our stores where Asda colleagues have already been making a difference to their local communities, from providing space for Zumba lessons and coffee mornings in store to taking schoolkids on trips and helping to renovate local community centres.

Our chief executive Andy Clarke believes it’s important for big retailers like Asda to lead the way in on getting more people involved in community work.

He says: “In the UK what people want and need in their lives now is a sense of ownership, unity and security. This is the new wealth. And it can only be found in community. Government cutbacks are creating a shift in British society toward more reliance on communities – whether it’s for health care, education or making ends meet during a rough patch. Community Life is another big step to being a better part of the daily lives of our customers.”

Posted in News & Blogs on 11 October 2011