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The colleagues at Asda Coleraine who all work with their mums

It’s a family affair at Asda Coleraine in Northern Ireland where it’s not unusual to take your mum to work!

Teresa and Clare

Teresa McCaughan and her daughter Clare (pictured above) are one of FIVE sets of mums and daughters/sons who work at the same store. Teresa has been working at the store for six years and was joined on the checkouts by Clare two years later.

Clare says: "Asda announced that it was recruiting in the store and I was delighted to get the job and have the opportunity to work with my mum. We started off working together side by side on the checkouts and it was great to have my mum there to show me the ropes.

“I have a great relationship with my mum and I think working together has really strengthened that. I’m now in a different department but even when we don’t get the opportunity to catch up during the day, we still get to make time for each other when we get home to talk about our day.”

Sheila Palmer and daughters

Community Life Champion Sheila Palmer has not just one but two daughters working in the same store. Charlotte works in Home Shopping and Sam is a section manager in the George department.

“We do still get to see each other and we enjoy working together – Charlotte still lives at home with me but it’s lovely to be able to see Sam on a regular basis as well. It’s a bit of fun for the girls when we’re all in store together – it’s the only time they call me by my name and not ’Mummy!”

Pictured with store manager

Other mums and daughters working together in store include Alison and daughter Jenna Craig, and Julie and daughter Natasha Hirt, who is a seasonal colleague and currently studying at university. And mum Mary McLaughlin works alongside her son Stephen – one of the store’s nightshift colleagues.

Posted in News & Blogs on 28 March 2014