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Mumdex report reveals "hidden" £37bn contribution to economy

With one year to go to the 2015 General Election we launched the first in a series of special Mumdex reports today at the Houses of Parliament.

Our first special report reveals that mums contribute an amazing £37.2 billion through voluntary and care work – and this vast contribution is largely hidden.

The survey of 11,000 mums found that, on average, mums undertake 10.8 hours of unpaid work a week on top of paid-for work and childcare commitments. This ranges from caring for the elderly or disabled to helping out at charity shops and community groups. And 85% of mums believe the value of these contributions has never been recognised.

Mumdex report findings

Mums are also supporting their children when it comes to housing costs – a quarter of mums say they have, or will have, contributed or even paid in full, the deposit for their children’s first homes. And many of those who are unable to afford to pay for deposits are instead allowing their adult children to live at home rent-free. Two in five mums have children over the age of 18 living at home without paying full rent and one in four of these are paying nothing at all.

Over the next year we will be looking at how mums view life in the UK today, the biggest pressures facing their families and what they feel Government should do to help.

We’ve asked some of the mums from our Mumdex Panel to keep a blog – meet Laura, Christine and Storm and read their blogs here.

Speaking at the House of Parliament Hayley Tatum, our Senior Vice President for People, said: "Mums make up almost a quarter of the electorate so securing their vote will be of crucial importance to all parties over the next 12 months.

“With the forthcoming Mumdex reports we hope to shine a light on the concerns of this important voting group and make sure that whoever gets into power will put the issues faced by mums high on their political agenda.”

See the full Mumdex report here

Posted in Asda Mumdex on 08 May 2014
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