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"Be as flexible as you can, don't panic, and trust your own instincts"

Mel, 38, and her husband Paul, 48, live in Birmingham with their two-year-old twin daughters Florence and Daisy.

Mel and family

They both work full-time and juggle childcare between them and the girls go to nursery two days a week. Fortunately both Mel, a pricing analyst, and Paul, a network engineer, have jobs that are flexible enough to allow them to work from home occasionally.

“I have the girls on a Monday, Paul has them on a Friday and we both work from home on a Wednesday so we share the care,” says Mel. "I compress my hours so I do three long days in the office and a half day at home on a Wednesday.

“I think it’s a really good balance. It’s a fabulous nursery and it’s a lot more affordable only having to pay for two days, especially with two of them!”

Florence and DaisyMel says she’d advise new mums to simply “go with the flow” – and ignored the advice of her own mum who told her to get her daughters in a strict routine as soon as they were born.

“My mum died in January of this year but she was firmly of the opinion you have to get babies in a routine. I kind of disagreed, so I used to just nod and smile!

“I would say be as flexible as you can, don’t panic and trust your own instincts. That’s not easy as a first-time parent, but whatever you fret about it will generally be fine.

“Having twins you have really got to go with the flow, even more so. You’re dealing with two very different personalities.”

Mel shops at Asda Minworth and is a big fan of our Little Angels nappies and wipes. She says: “They’re good value and quality. I did start off using Pampers but I’ve found the ordinary ones to be perfectly fine.”

Posted in Asda Mumdex on 02 September 2013