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"My kids make me proud every day" - Debbie, mum of five


Debbie, a mum-of-five, lives in Kent and has recently separated from her partner. In order to get back into the job market she is taking an adult education course and is hoping to start volunteering at the local Children’s Centre. She is also looking into doing a degree with the Open University.

Her children all help out around the house – Kyran is the oldest at 15 and helps with babysitting so that Debbie can study. Ten-year-old Shannon helps with “everything” – from dressing and feeding her younger sisters to helping with homework and bathtime.

Debbie's children

Even Amber and Eden, six-year-old twins, and two-year-old Hannah help lay the table, fold washing and tidy up.

Debbie can’t afford to give the kids pocket money but says she will sometimes treat them on trips to school fairs or car boot sales if they’ve been helpful!

“I’m not sure if this generation has it financially tougher or not – they seem to have way more toys / technology then I ever did – but I think they will struggle more to get jobs in the future,” says Debbie.

“My kids make me proud every day. They are happy and well adjusted and are doing well at school. They are polite and kind and, hopefully, will achieve whatever makes them happy in their future. And they love their Mummy loads!”

Posted in Asda Mumdex on 09 June 2013