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"We've been managing on a tight budget for a couple of years now"

Part-time teacher Lyn, 34, and her husband Richard, 35, live in Hull with their children Thomas, three, and Joseph, 14 months.

Lyn and son

“We’ve been managing on a tight budget for a couple of years now, having had to shoulder a couple of maternity leaves and a redundancy,” she says.

The family have cut back on both expensive days out and petrol so now they look for things to do locally that are free or don’t cost much money.

“We’re really lucky because in Hull all the museums are free which is fantastic and there are some really good ones,” says Lyn. "We spend a lot of time in places like the Maritime museum. We’ve also got some really good parks locally which is great when the weather’s dry.

“In the school holidays we’ll go further afield because I’m not spending money on petrol to get to work.”

Lyn and family

The family shop at Asda Mount Pleasant twice a month and have bulkier items delivered every fortnight. Lyn usually looks for offers and own-brand products.

“I always buy 3 for £10 meats (usually two lots) then separate them out into freezer bags for portion control. For convenience and good value on Sundays we love the 2 for £7 Roast Chicken Breasts with chipolata sausages & stuffing balls!

“For a during-the-week treat the boys’ favourite feast is Asda’s Southern Fried Chicken (much cheaper than KFC, and just as tasty).

“We stock up on cereals (Asda cornflakes and Malted Wheaties, Ready Brek and Weetabix) and always buy three pots of Asda sandwich fillers for grown-ups’ packed lunches. Great Stuff Tinned Hot Dog Sausages with hidden vegetables need to be bought by the dozen (or actually by the 15 because they’re on offer!).

“We know how to live within our budget by shopping carefully, driving thoughtfully and planning presents carefully. At present, we’re trying to save a little money each month so that when BIG things come up unexpectedly (e.g. broken washing machine or car) we have enough put by to manage.”

Posted in Asda Mumdex on 15 March 2013