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"We have had to get rid of the car as we can't afford to run it" - Katie

The past year has brought a lot of changes for Katie, 27, and her partner David, 28 who live in Birmingham. In October they found out they were expecting their second baby – in the same week that David was made redundant from his job as a tree surgeon.

Katie with her partner David and their son Micah

Katie, pictured above with David and their three-year-old son Micah, is at college studying to be an assistant teacher.

“Things are a lot tighter money wise,” says Katie. “We have had to get rid of the car as we can’t afford to run it.”

Katie and family

Not having a car has changed the way Katie and her family shop. She tends to shop locally 3-4 times a week and now only makes the trip to the bigger Asda Minworth once a month.

“I make lists when I go shopping and most of the time I just buy the essentials. I do more little shops than one big one, as we have to walk there and back, so can’t carry a lot.”

Katie has already cut back on holidays and days out and spends less on herself and on presents for other people.

“I really only buy the essentials and I always make a list of what I need before I go shopping. I very rarely spend money on myself and will only get clothes for myself if I really need them.”

Posted in Asda Mumdex on 15 March 2013