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"Becoming a mummy is the best thing I have done so far" - Jayne

Jayne and her husband Trevor live in Doncaster with their 18-month-old son Jake. Because Jayne works evenings, as a Senior Sterilisation Technician for the NHS she relies on her parents and her sister Julie for childcare as her husband is often away with his job in the armed forces.

Jayne, her husband and Jake

“My parents look after my son while I’m at work in the evenings and my sister helps out when my parents are unavailable. I don’t know where I would be without them,” she says.

Jayne believes employers should be more flexible when it comes to working hours and taking time off for emergency childcare. She enjoys her job because it adds variety to her life and says “It helps keep my brain going (he he!)”

Asda mum Jayne and family Her best advice for new mums is to sleep when you can – she admits “I felt guilty napping when I thought I should be cleaning!”

However, not all advice she has been given has proved helpful. A well-meaning friend told her she shouldn’t give Jake a dummy.

“This is personal choice and helped us a lot in the first few months as Jake didn’t want to take any milk and it encouraged him to learn to suck,” she says.

She believes the ideal mum is someone who can balance work, home and children – but with the scales tipped in favour of children! “You don’t have to have everything perfect, as long as the children are happy and healthy.”

Jake's first birthdayJayne says the best thing about being a mum is “seeing my son’s face light up with a cheeky smile at the smallest thing.”

And she finds him even more enjoyable now he’s a toddler:

“I’ve enjoyed every age so far, but it’s a little more rewarding now my son is a toddler, watching him learn things and interact more with people.

“Becoming a mummy is the best thing I have done so far, and I’m looking forward to all the new challenges that raising my son will bring.”

Posted in Asda Mumdex on 02 September 2013