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Asda mums react to the Budget

Earlier today we launched our Price Lock initiative in a fun Budget Day TV ad starring an Asda mum with a red lunchbox in place of Chancellor George Osborne.

Asda Budget Day TV ad

The ad prompted one of our Facebook fans, Jill Laurie, to say: “It’s a shame Mumdex aren’t hired by the Government!”

Well they may not have been hiring but the Government may well have been listening! Chancellor George Osborne said today’s Budget was “for people who aspire to work hard and get on” – which is exactly what many Asda mums had been asking for on our Facebook page:

“Working people to get more help” – Sasha May Pilot

“It hits the same people all the time and I agree the working person never gets any help” – Janet Cox

“More support for working parents!!!” – Amy Mason

“More help for working families. We get no help with anything. We’re the ones struggling most” – Laura Gill

“More help for the working person, struggling to pay rent, bills, etc. every little bit helps but things are just going up and up, but no extra money coming in” – Lorna Hayes

Mumdex mums watching the Budget announcement

Today’s Budget was largely welcomed by a group of our Mumdex panellists in Nottingham (pictured above) who were filmed by Channel 4 News as they watched the Chancellor in action.

One of the mums, Nathalie, said: “I like the idea of trying to support people who are trying to help themselves.”

There was good news too for all our Mumdex mums who were looking for help with childcare costs – like Megan and some of our Facebook fans:

“Help with child care costs I would love to go back to work but can’t afford to!!!” – Donna Hargreaves

“Childcare costs are what cripple us, £38.50 a day when have two children is a fortune! Would be better if government paid or heavily subsidised childcare to allow more people to return to work should they so wish!” – Nicola Gornall

You can see more Budget news here

Posted in Asda Mumdex on 20 March 2013