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Our Mumdex panel has already started to look ahead to this year’s General Election – and has some strong opinions about what politicians should be concentrating on. Our latest survey found that mums want politicians to prioritise the cost of living and the NHS over other election issues such as Europe and transportation.

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Overall the Mums’ mood has lifted – the optimism score is at an all-time high – but they have low expectations of what the Election will bring. Almost half believe the Election result – whoever wins – won’t make any difference to their family’s lives and most don’t trust politicians to stick to their campaign promises once elected.

Mums still feel ignored and don’t have faith that this election will bring with it politicians and policies which speak to mums’ needs. Despite this, they are not switching off – mums will still be following the election coverage online and in the media. Mums with older children will also be encouraging them to take an active interest by discussing the campaign with their children.

You can read the full report here or follow what our Mumdex bloggers have to say in the run-up to the Election here.

Posted in Asda Mumdex on 02 January 2015
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How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions so far? Half of our panel of Asda mums admit to giving up on their resolutions early – but they’ll be sticking to them this year, honest!

Asda Mumdex resolutions

More than eight in ten mums (86%) in our latest Mumdex survey have resolved to make their family and kids their key focus this year. Their resolutions include going on more family outings, being more active and spending less time on social media:

  • 51% want to go on more family outings
  • 60% want to be more active
  • 26% of mums plan to cook more from scratch next year
  • 18% of mums want to spend less time on their phones, tablets and electronic devices in 2015

You can see the full report here

Mumdex panellists Mags and Laura are trying a different approach – they’re giving up resolutions and aiming to try something new in 2015.

Mags Douglas:

“Over the years I made New Year’s Resolutions and they have been the “normal” ones – be a nicer person, stop drinking, pack in smoking, stop swearing…

“I think these are resolutions familiar with everyone of us and by the second of January they are forgotten until the next year, again most people will relate to this.

“Last year I had a “golden” birthday and I was determined to make some resolutions that would be maintained. I wanted to develop myself emotionally and physically and do things outside my comfort zone. I didn’t want to boast or brag – this was for me and me alone. When you set expectations for others they can fall by the wayside and I was a woman on a mission.

“I firstly wanted to give something back as I had been spoilt rotten at Christmas so I did a “dry” January. At first it was difficult but hey it got easier, it got so easy I kept it up most of February as well!

Mags Douglas

“This set the plan for my second resolution which was to part take in The Great North Run. A small local charity believed in me and let me represent them so now I could not back down.

“I pounded the streets singing and dancing to the beats on my iPod, I cannot understand why none of my family and friends joined me in the training! And in September I achieved my dream and finished – OK not the best of times but my tired torso and fractured toe were pleased with the four-hour time.”

Read Mags’ blog in full here.

Laura Rishworth:

“In the past I’ve never really thought about resolutions and I think a lot of people make them with the best of intentions but they often get forgotten about mid January when the bills start rolling in after Christmas, the kids are back at school and normal routine resumes.

“As a health and fitness enthusiast, I began studying to qualify as a Personal Trainer last year and I also joined a company promoting a challenge to crush obesity.

“In November, a report was published highlighting that obesity is now a greater burden on the UK’s economy than armed violence and war and terrorism, at the cost of £47bn a year.

“Studies have found that around 70% of the UK adult population are now classed as overweight or obese and more worryingly 1 in 3 children.

Laura Rishworth

“I know that this is a sensitive subject but it is very close to my heart as I personally struggled to lose the excess weight I had piled on during my pregnancy.

“It is most definitely not easy to lose weight and it was like a vicious circle for me. I didn’t like how I looked and I felt very down but feeling down usually meant eating more and that led to feeling even worse about myself.

“They do say that women are never happy with the way they look and I think that’s very true. I have met women that are in fantastic physical shape and they are still unhappy with their appearance.

“Society does point it’s finger and tell us how we should look and that’s very sad. The main thing is that we are happy but healthy too.”

Read Laura’s blog in full here.

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