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Friends, family members and neighbours are covering a £6.5 billion* childcare tab over the course of the summer holidays, according to findings from Asda’s latest Mumdex report.

Mumdex report

The poll of almost 2,000 mums reveals that grandparents are picking up the bulk of the costs by providing an average of 24 hours of “free” childcare each week. School and community groups are providing an average of eight hours per week, other family members are providing six hours per week, childminders four hours per week, and neighbours and friends spare two hours of their time.

Although they make savvy savings on childcare, mums are spending these savings on other hefty outgoings. The Mumdex report reveals that mums expect to spend a total of £2,162 in an effort to keep their kids entertained during the break. On average, spending:

  • £920 on eating out and treats
  • £855 on days out and activities
  • £387 on childcare, increasing to £657 for working mums

As these costs are revealed, mums are claiming that today, 3rd August – the 20th day of the school holidays – is the day they are most concerned about being able to afford the activities their child wants to do over the holiday.

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Posted in Asda Mumdex on 04 August 2015
Marva Mumdex

To say I’m beyond shocked is an understatement. It’s the morning after the night before and I feel like I’ve done a pub crawl and somehow landed back at my house worse for wear.

Austerity, such a harsh word, and yet we’ve lived the past five years through it all and now another five years loom, making it ten years. The UK has suffered enough, it was time for change.

It seems like a good portion of the electorate liked David Cameron’s speech, “about being given the opportunity to finish the job, and the UK seeing more money in their pockets” and it proved a vote winner.

As a writer I’ve read Charles Dickens’s works, in particular, “A Tale Of Two Cities” about England and Paris. But I’d look at this election a little differently. To me, it was about the rich vs the poor. And the rich won whilst the poor lost.

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Posted by Marva Mumdex on 08 May 2015
Debi Mumdex

Well what a difference a day makes. Yesterday the country looked poised to having another form of coalition with possibly days of negotiations and vying for power and position – deals done and manifestos watered down.

The polls, pundits and political commentators got it all so wrong and I am waking up quite dazed at how we got here with the Conservatives not only knocking off Liberal Democrat MPs but equally Labour MPs along with Nigel Farage!

This was a very long campaign in terms of coverage did we get 2015EC’d out. I really cannot comprehend how people turned away from all the different party losers to back the Conservatives wholeheartedly despite the pain and cuts that looks likely to continue.

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Posted by Debi Mumdex on 08 May 2015
Paula Mumdex

It’s a blue day today – literally. The general political mood is very somber. It was such a different picture in the UK 24 hours ago, with four main parties battling until the last moment for our vote.

By lunchtime today three of those leaders had resigned, following their defeat.

The historical element of today is fascinating with the SNP almost sweeping Labour out of Scotland. This was one of the initial steps that Ireland took on it’s journey to becoming independent, so today could be the foundation for Scotland doing the same.

At least there will be no more advertisements, leaflets and doorstep canvassing from my local politicians, which I am relieved about. I will be sad to see the end of the Channel 4 parody ‘Ballot Monkeys’, which has perfectly summed up the campaigns in my opinion!

Personally, I was shocked at the outright win by the Conservatives given the polls and the general undecided nature of so many people around me. I am worried though about what this will mean for my family and I.

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Posted by Paula Mumdex on 08 May 2015
Mags Mumdex

Well it’s now finally over – no more campaigning and canvassing – and it’s apparent from the news coverage that there will be no need for any coalition.

David Cameron and his party will lead our country into a new chapter and it will be interesting to watch over the coming months to see the difference having one leading party may bring.

There will be plenty today having to re-think and perhaps even need to restructure as the SNP have overwhelmed Scotland and in the north UKIP have come second to Labour in a few areas and I look forward to seeing the final results as they filter through.

At this moment I cannot say what this will mean to me and my family as it is too soon to predict any of this but we have managed over the past few years, and so has everyone else.

Hopefully we will see the economy grow and flourish and finally feel the difference as our country comes out of recession.

Posted by Mags Mumdex on 08 May 2015