Marva Mumdex

Marva Longmore is one of ten Asda Mums sharing their opinions on the big issues from the Election campaign

This week a friend tweeted a photo of Snoopy and a little yellow bird. That fluffy bird stuck in my mind all day. My husband looked it up on You Tube: the little bird’s name is Woodstock.

That was one mystery solved, now to decode what the politicians are telling us. Looking up Woodstock made me think of the festival of the same name in the 60s, and I questioned whether our living standards have got better or worse since then so I was intrigued to listen to what our political leaders have to say.

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Posted by Marva Mumdex on 13 April 2015
Asda Mumdex

We know that Asda mums could hold the key to the General Election – and so do the party leaders. With one month to go 80% of Asda mums plan to vote but many of them are as yet undecided who to vote for.

We’ve invited the party leaders to record special video messages to Asda mums to help them make their choice on May 7th. Watch the first three video messages below – we’ll be adding more to this page over the coming weeks as we get them.

Prime Minister Rt. Hon. David Cameron

Deputy Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Nick Clegg

Leader of the Opposition Rt. Hon. Ed Miliband

Posted in Asda Mumdex on 07 April 2015
Debi Mumdex

Asda Mum Debi Waite is one of the Mumdex panellists sharing their thoughts on the big Election issues

I am an undecided voter and for me the upcoming election would be enhanced if I could observe live debates by the various leaders.

I feel cheated by the nonsense of the Conservative approach in refusing to participate in a face to face leaders’ debate.

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Posted by Debi Mumdex on 27 March 2015
Asda Mumdex

Vote for mum

With just six weeks to go until the General Election our latest Mumdex report shows Asda mums could hold the key to the Election result.

Although eight in ten mums in our survey are planning to vote on May 7th, two-thirds of them say they don’t yet know who to vote for.

Political engagement survey

The publication of this latest Mumdex report is the start of a six-week Asda Mum election campaign – Your Mumdex, Your Election – which will put mums in conversation with politicians so they can ask them the questions that matter most.

Ten Asda Mums will head out on the campaign trail to interview senior politicians, take part in live hustings with MPs in store, blog about the big issues from the Election and take part in panel debates with the media and politicians. You can read their blogs here.

According to our poll of more than 13,000 mums, the key Election issues that matter most are the NHS (70%) the cost of living (65%) and education (42%). And the specific policies they want to see politicians focus on are easier NHS appointments; flexible working and reducing classroom sizes.

Election pledges

And it seems the older you are the more likely you are to vote – we found that although 87% of mums aged 55 and over are planning to vote, this falls to 61% for mums aged under 30.

Asda Senior Vice President Hayley Tatum said: "The Asda Mum is a major political force, making up almost a quarter of the electoral demographic, and a group of extremely engaged voters – the majority of whom have yet to make up their minds about who they will put their cross next to on the ballot paper.

“One thing is clear: it’s a vote for mum if politicians take note.”

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Posted in Asda Mumdex on 23 March 2015
Paula Mumdex

Paula Frederick is one of the Asda Mums blogging on the big issues during the Election campaign

The budget is notorious for trying to win over and appease voters. The question is how much is fighting talk and how much will translate into real action if the Conservatives win the election?

There’s been a real emphasis on saving during this budget. Tax breaks for those saving for their first homes, through to increasing the threshold of the amount that you have to earn before paying tax. ‘Gorgeous George’ has even made ISAs more flexible for savers, to pay in and access.

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Posted by Paula Mumdex on 23 March 2015