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Joanna - just one of our Mumdex panel

Asda mums are calling on the Government to do more to help with the cost of rising energy and utility bills.

Our latest Mumdex report shows this is a key priority for mums ahead of the Budget on Wednesday (19th March). They would also like to see an increase in the personal tax allowance and more money spent on the NHS.

Mumdex Budget priorities

Although there are signs the UK economy is recovering it’s clear families are still feeling the pinch in reality. The graph below tracks how optimistic our Mumdex panel is about the UK economy. They’re less optimistic than they were in the run-up to Christmas – but still more optimistic than this time last year.

The group feeling the most financial pressure is the under 30s – two in five mums in this age group say they cannot move house because they can’t save enough for a deposit. In the meantime they’re juggling childcare with work and rising rent prices.

Mumdex graph shows dip in optimism

And the majority of mums (84%) are still concerned about the rising cost of living. As a result they are looking for new ways to make ends meet.

We’re seeing a new generation of “Mumtrepeneurs” – mums who run their own businesses from home or make their hobbies pay to earn extra cash. Twice as many mums are starting their own business today than any other age group, with one in five now taking the leap and setting up a business from their own homes – like Nicola who set up her own events business while on maternity leave. Others are earning extra cash by selling items on eBay and at car boot sales – like Joanna.

One mum said: “I sold over £600 of goods in the run up to Christmas on eBay – my clothes, children’s clothes and toys or CDs. This paid for all our Christmas gifts and food. I am planning to continue with this in February as even getting £1 for an item is fine if I sell 20 items.”

Our Chief Exec Andy Clarke, said: “The Asda Mumdex reveals the extent of fears about the rising cost of living. While the UK economy appears to be improving, these benefits are yet to be felt by families across the country.”

He is urging the Chancellor to increase the Personal Tax Allowance to £12,875 to help working mums.

You can read the full report here.

Posted in Asda Mumdex on 16 March 2014